Abraham Munden of Hatfield1

M, #3142


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  1. [S36] Richard A. Jr Damon, The Damon Family of Reading, Massachussetts (Penobscot Press, October 1999). Repository: Richard Smith Damon Arlington, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, in. Hereinafter cited as Damon Family of Reading, MA.

Husband1? Waterman

M, #3143
     Husband1? Waterman married Elizabeth Arnold, daughter of Elizabeth Gray.
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Duke Thomas (of Woodstock)1,2

M, #3144, b. 7 January 1354/55, d. 8/09 SEP 1397
Father*King Edward III (of England)3 b. 13 Nov 1312, d. 21 Jun 1377
Mother*Philippa (of Hainault)3 b. 24 Jun 1311, d. 15 Aug 1369
Relationship19th great-grandfather of Robert Michael Damon
     Duke Thomas (of Woodstock) was born on 7 January 1354/55 at Palace, Woodstock, Oxfordshire, England.4 He was the son of King Edward III (of England) and Philippa (of Hainault).3 Duke Thomas (of Woodstock) married Eleanar Bahun.3 Duke Thomas (of Woodstock) died 8/09 SEP 1397 in Calais, Pas De Calais, France.4 He was buried at St. Edmund's, Westminster, Middlesex, England.4
      Duke Thomas (of Woodstock) was also known as Prince Thomas (of England).4 He was titled 1st Duke of Gloucester.3,2 He became the father of Anne Plantagenet of Gloucester in 1383.


Eleanar Bahun
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