Lady Susan Stewart1,2

F, #15817, b. 10 April 1767, d. 2 April 1841
Father*John Spencer1 b. c 1741
Mother*Anne Dashwood1 b. c 1743

Names and TItles

Married: Mrs. (Stewart) Spencer-Churchill.1
Married: Mrs. (Stewart) Spencer.2
     Lady Susan Stewart, daughter of John Spencer and Anne Dashwood, was born on 10 April 1767 of Wormleighton, Warwickshire, England.1 Lady Susan Stewart was the daughter of John Spencer and Anne Dashwood.1 Lady Susan Stewart married George Spencer-Churchill, son of Duke George Spencer and Lady Caroline Russell, on 15 September 1791 at St. James, Westminister, Middlesex, England.1 Lady Susan Stewart died on 2 April 1841 in Park Lane, Middlesex, England, at age 73.1 She was buried on 12 April 1841 in Blenheim, Oxfordshire, England.1
     She became the mother of Caroline Susan Spencerchurchill on 26 November 1792.1 Susan's daughter Caroline Susan Spencerchurchill died on 18 December 1792.1 Lady Susan Stewart became the mother of George Spencer-Churchill on 27 December 1793.1 Lady Susan Stewart became the mother of Charles Spencerchurchill on 3 December 1794.1 Lady Susan Stewart became the mother of George Henry Spencerchurchill on 18 May 1796.1 Lady Susan Stewart became the mother of Henry John Spencerchurchill on 22 September 1797.1 Susan's son was married at wedding of George Spencer-Churchill and Lady Jane Stewart circa 1820 at Hanover Square St George, Westminster, Middlesex, England.1 Susan's son George Henry Spencerchurchill died on 30 May 1828.1 Lady Susan Stewart became a widow with the death of her husband, George Spencer-Churchill on 5 March 1840 in Blenheim, Oxfordshire, England, at age 74.1 Susan's son Charles Spencerchurchill died on 29 April 1840.1 Susan's son Henry John Spencerchurchill died on 2 June 1840.1


George Spencer-Churchill b. 3 March 1766, d. 5 March 1840
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