King Edgar I "the Peaceful" (?)1,2,3

M, #1233036, b. 943, d. 8 July 975
Father*King Edmund I "the Deed Doer" (?) b. c 922, d. 26 May 946
Mother*Queen Elgiva (of England) b. c 922, d. 944
Relationship30th great-grandfather of Robert Michael Damon

Names and TItles

Variation: King Edgar 'The Peacable' (of England).4,1
Titled: King of England (Edgar) from 959 to 975.
     King Edgar I "the Peaceful" (?) was born in 943 in Wessex.1 He was the son of King Edmund I "the Deed Doer" (?) and Queen Elgiva (of England). King Edgar I "the Peaceful" (?) married first Ethelfleda (?), daughter of Ealdorman Ordmaer.3 King Edgar I "the Peaceful" (?) married third Elfrida (?), daughter of Ordgar (?) and Wulfrith, in 965.1 King Edgar I "the Peaceful" (?) died on 8 July 975 in Wessex, England.4
     Edgar I "the Peaceful"'s mother Queen Elgiva (of England) died in 944.1 King Edgar I "the Peaceful" (?) became King of England in 959 replacing King Edwy 'The Fair' (of England).3 King Edgar I "the Peaceful" (?) became the father of Prince Edmund (of England) circa 966.4 King Edgar I "the Peaceful" (?) became the father of King Ethelred II "the Unready" (of England) circa 968.4,1 Edgar I "the Peaceful"'s son Prince Edmund (of England) died in 970 in Wessex, England.4 King Edgar I "the Peaceful" (?) was replaced as King of England by King Edward II the Martyr (of England) in 975.3

Family 2

Elfrida (?) b. 945, d. circa 1000
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