Queen Judith1

F, #1250038, b. 844, d. after 870
Father*King Charles II "the Bald" (?)2 b. 13 Jun 823, d. 6 Oct 877
Mother*Countess Ermentrude (Irmtrud) (of Orleans)2 b. 27 Sep 830, d. 6 Oct 869
Relationship32nd great-grandmother of Robert Michael Damon

Names and TItles

Titled: Queen of Wessex (Judith).1
Variation: Princess Judith (of France).2
Titled: Princess of France (Judith).1
Titled: Queen of England (Judith).
     Queen Judith, daughter of King Charles II "the Bald" (?) and Countess Ermentrude (Irmtrud) (of Orleans), was born in 844 in France.2,1 Queen Judith was the daughter of King Charles II "the Bald" (?) and Countess Ermentrude (Irmtrud) (of Orleans).2 Queen Judith married King Æthelwulf (of Wessex), son of King Egbert "the Great" (of Wessex) and Redburga (?).3 Queen Judith married Baldwin I (?) Queen Judith married second King Æthelbald (of England), son of King Æthelwulf (of Wessex) and Osburga (?).3 Queen Judith died after 870.1,2
     She became a widow with the death of her husband, King Æthelwulf (of Wessex) on 13 January 857/58 in Wessex, England.2

Family 1

Baldwin I (?)

Family 2

King Æthelwulf (of Wessex) b. circa 806, d. 13 January 857/58
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