Svendborg County, Denmark1

F, #993033, b. 19 February 1662, d. 1 April 1970
Mother*Denmark, Europe1
RelationshipDistant relative of Robert Michael Damon


On the 19th of Feb, in 1662, Denmark, Europe evolved into an Absolute Monarchy, and the previous political divisions, the Len (supervised by a Lensmand, appointed by the King) transformed into Counties (Danish:Amt). In 1662 there were 48 Amt: Svendborg County and Riberhus County.2
Denmark Counties 1662-1793
In 1793, The counties were reorganized into few counties, plus some counties were added in new territory: Copenhagen County, Frederiksborg County, Aarhus County, Ribe County, Vejle County, Viborg County, Bornholm, Maribo County, Præstø County, Svendborg County, Skanderborg County, Randers County, Aalborg County, Thisted County, Hjørring County, Holbaek County, Odense County, Aabenraa-Sønderborg County, Aabenraa County, Sønderborg County, Sorø, Tønder County, Haderslev County and Ringkjøbing County
Map of Denmark 1793-1970
     Svendborg County was formed on 19 February 1662.1 She was the daughter of Denmark, Europe.1 Svendborg County was disolved on 1 April 1970 becoming Funen Country.1
     Svendborg County provided part of the territory to form Funen Country on 1 April 1970.3
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