King Herod Archelaus (of Judea)1

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Father*King Herod I "the Great" of Judea (Mt 2)1 b. c74 BC, d. Mar/Apr 4 BC

Names and TItles

Titled: King of Judea (Archelaus).
     King Herod Archelaus (of Judea) was the son of King Herod I "the Great" of Judea (Mt 2) and Malthace.1
     After King Herod I "the Great" of Judea (Mt 2) died, an Angel of the LORD (Bible) appeared to Joseph (Gospel) in a dream, telling him it was safe to come back. So Joseph (Gospel), Mary (Gospel), and Jesus (NT) came back to Israel. On finding that King Herod Archelaus (of Judea) was on the throne, Joseph (Gospel) was afraid, and withdrew to the district of Galilee, and the town of Nazarith<>.2 King Herod Archelaus (of Judea) became King of Judea.
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Scriptures (References)

Book VerseTitle
Book of Matthew in the BibleMatthew 2:19-23The Return to Nazareth
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