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Book of 2 Kings in the Bible

M, #2120000
Father*Books of the Bible
RelationshipDistant relative of Robert Michael Damon
     Book of 2 Kings in the Bible was the son of Books of the Bible.
     King Pekahiah died 740 BC.1 King Esarhaddon of Assyria (2 King 19) became King of Assyria replacing King Sennacherib of Assyria (2 Kings).2




     (?) (2 Kings 8:26, 2 Chron 22:2) is mentioned in 2 Kings 8:26.
Lord God Yahwah (Bible) is mentioned in 2 Kings.
Abijah (2 Kings 18, 2 Chron 29) is mentioned in 2 Kings 18:2.
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