Teresa (of Castile and Leon)1

F, #1430030, b. circa 1070, d. 1 November 1130
Father*King Alfonso VI (?) b. bt 1020 - 1054?
Mother*Princess Zaida (?) b. c 1071, d. 12 Sep 1107
Relationship27th great-grandmother of Robert Michael Damon

Names and TItles

Married: Mrs (of Castile and Leon) of Burgendy as of 1093.
     Teresa (of Castile and Leon), daughter of King Alfonso VI (?) and Princess Zaida (?), was born circa 1070.1 Teresa (of Castile and Leon) was the daughter of King Alfonso VI (?) and Princess Zaida (?) Teresa (of Castile and Leon) married Henry I (of Burgendy), son of Duke Henry (?) and Sibylle (Sybilla) (of Barcelona), in 1093.1 Teresa (of Castile and Leon) died on 1 November 1130.1 She was buried at Braga Cathedral.1
     Teresa's mother Princess Zaida (?) died on 12 September 1107 in Spain.1 Teresa (of Castile and Leon) became the mother of Alfonso I Henriques on 25 July 1110.1 Teresa (of Castile and Leon) became a widow with the death of her husband, Henry I (of Burgendy) on 1 November 1112 in Astorga, Galicia, Spain.1


Henry I (of Burgendy) b. between 1069 and 1070, d. 1 November 1112
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