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King of Wessex

?, #981249
Mother-Other*Wessex England
RelationshipDistant relative of Robert Michael Damon
     King of Wessex was the child of King and Wessex England.
     King of Wessex was called Wessex.
King Cerdic (?) became King of Wessex.1
King Cynric (?) became King of Wessex in 534.
King Ceawlin (?) became King of Wessex from 560 to 593.1
King Egbert "the Great" (of Wessex) became King of Wessex in 784.1
King Æthelwulf (of Wessex) became King of Wessex and Kent in 839 replacing King Egbert "the Great" (of Wessex).
King Æthelred England became King of Wessex in 865 replacing King Æthelberht (of England).2
King Alfred 'The Great' (of England) became King of Wessex in 871 replacing King Æthelred England.
King Edward I 'The Elder' (of England) became King of Wessex.
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