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?, #900002
RelationshipDistant relative of Robert Michael Damon
     Questions was the child of Non-Persons.
     Henry Alden: something is wrong with family as too much happens after his death date.
John Whitcomb: Birth and Death dates appear to have errors.
Petronilla de Grandmesnil and Margaret de Beaumont: Birth dates to close for mother and child.
William Alden: Events in wrong order.
Sir Thomas Parr and Anne Parr: Had child well after Death.
Pilgrim Richard Clarke: Death and appearance in Division of Cattle in conflict.
Sir George de Talboys and Lady Elizabeth Gascoigne: have a probable confusion as they appear as both Mother-Son and Husband-Wife.
Ludwig Von Dornberg: does not seem to fit the family (birth date too soon, duplicate name), may be someone else confused here.
James Fleming: Burial date preceeds death (What does W.D. mean.)
Thomas Savage: Burial well before death.
Ursula Stourton and Frances Clinton (Fiennes: Frances born after death of Elizabeth, his mother.
John Mure with Elizabeth Mure, Count Ludwig Eberhard (of Öttingen-Öttingen), Margaret Mure and Miss Mure: John Mure born when parents too young, Had children after death.
Ralph De Somery with William Percival De Somery and Ralph De Somery: Has children after death.
William Sheldon and Margaret Frances Disney: have something wrong as their children were born before they were (see linked couple), William is listed a born after mothers death.1
Lou Birchie Ayers: Birth date seems late, father very old at birth and her marriage/children seem early.
Princess Mary (of England): Death date must be in error.
Robert Bruce: Burial before death.
Eleanor Holland: is listed in the Royal Family Gedcom connected to the Mortimer line as listed which is impossible. There must be some confusion in people here. The Cherleton family connections are based on the presidential gedcom.2
Margaret Butler: Having children a little on the young side, born when parents a little too old. Check birth date.
Richard de Saltonstall: Birth date seems late, to soon to sons birth and a little late from fathers.
John Gordon and Adam Gordon with James Gordon: Children born after death of father.
Henri Valois Knight with King Henry II (of France) and Janet Stewart: Birth date impossible for death date of parents.
John Saint John with Martha Saint John, Martha Saint John and Edward Hungerford: John Saint John has children after death.
Anne Winthrop: Death date after burial date.
Honora Seymour: is listed as buried in MAR but died in MAY (possible typo?)
Bethulia Baxter: Strange that father put her in will after she died.
Princess Mary (of England): Christning after death.
Charles Dyer: Burial year before death year.
Enoch Barrows: Birth date seems wrong.
Irena Clark with Daniel(?) Clark and Annah Sherban: has a dating problem as Irena's child is born only 18 years after her parents were born. It is likely that the parents (or their dates) are incorrect.
Ira B. Underhill: Dates of Death and Probate in wrong order.
Martha S.: Death and Certificate in wrong order.
Caroline Underhill: In will long after death.
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