Princess Marie (of Lorraine-Guise)1

F, #6448, b. 22 November 1515, d. 10 June 1560
Father*Claude I De Lorraine2 b. 20 Oct 1496, d. 12 Apr 1550
Mother*Antoinette De Bourbon1 b. 25 Dec 1493, d. 22 Jan 1583
Relationship7th cousin 15 times removed of Robert Michael Damon

Names and TItles

Variation: Mary (of Lorraine).2
     Princess Marie (of Lorraine-Guise), daughter of Claude I De Lorraine and Antoinette De Bourbon, was born on 22 November 1515 in Bar Le Duc, Meuse, France.1 Princess Marie (of Lorraine-Guise) was the daughter of Claude I De Lorraine and Antoinette De Bourbon.2,1 Princess Marie (of Lorraine-Guise) married Louis D'Orleans.1 Princess Marie (of Lorraine-Guise) married King James V (of Scotland), son of King James IV (of Scotland) and Margaret Tudor, on 12 June 1538 in St Andrew's, Fifeshire, Scotland.1,2 Princess Marie (of Lorraine-Guise) died on 10 June 1560 at Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland, at age 44.1 She was buried on 19 October 1560 at St. Peter's Chuch, Rheims, Champagne, France.1
     She became the mother of Duke James (of Rothesay) on 22 May 1540.1 Princess Marie (of Lorraine-Guise) became the mother of Prince Arthur (of Scotland) in April 1541.1 Marie's son Prince Arthur (of Scotland) died on 29 April 1541 in Sterling, Stirlingshire, Scotland.1 Princess Marie (of Lorraine-Guise) became the mother of Mary Stuart Queen of Scotts on 8 December 1542.1 Princess Marie (of Lorraine-Guise) became a widow with the death of her husband, King James V (of Scotland) on 14 December 1542 in Falkland, Fifeshire, Scotland, at age 30.1 Marie's father Claude I De Lorraine died on 12 April 1550.1

Family 1

King James V (of Scotland) b. 10 April 1512, d. 14 December 1542

Family 2

Louis D'Orleans
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