Prince Geoffrey (of England)1,2

M, #5775, b. 23 September 1158, d. 19 August 1186
Father*King Henry II "Curt Mantle" Plantagenet of England2 b. 5 Mar 1133, d. 6 Jul 1189
Mother*Queen Eleanor (of Aquitaine)2 b. 1121/22, d. 31 Mar 1204
Relationship22nd great-granduncle of Robert Michael Damon
     Prince Geoffrey (of England), son of King Henry II "Curt Mantle" Plantagenet of England and Queen Eleanor (of Aquitaine), was born on 23 September 1158 in England.1 Prince Geoffrey (of England) was the son of King Henry II "Curt Mantle" Plantagenet of England and Queen Eleanor (of Aquitaine).2 Prince Geoffrey (of England) married Duchess Constance (of Brittany), daughter of Count Conan IV 'le Petit' (of Bretagne) and Princess Margaret (of Scotland), between July 1181 and 1182.1,2 Prince Geoffrey (of England) died on 19 August 1186 in Paris, France, at age 27.1 He was buried at Notre Dame, Paris, France.1
     The best thing the Constance theory has going for it is drama. It would make a good movie. Joan was born somewhere around 1187/1188. Constance was carrying Geoffrey's child in 1186 when Geoffrey was killed. The child, the ill-fated Arthur, was born posthumous. This is the same Arthur, nephew of John, that John allegedly murdered. He had to do penance for his part in the act. So -- if Constance were also Joan's mother, Arthur was Joan's stepbrother and also a stepson to John! Also, Henry II forced Constance to remarry after the death of Geoffrey to one of his favorites, Randulph de Blundeville, Earl of Chester. One could speculate that the reason she needed to marry a man that outlived her by 31 years is that she was pregnant and needed a husband, but the chronology is very tight, as Henry died in 1189 shortly after forcing the match. Great movie material, but it seems a little doubtful. The best thing we can learn from this is that Joan's papal decree shows that no one wanted her to know who her mother really was. It was a secret then and has remained that way through the ages. All we can learn from John's whereabouts was that he was in both France and England at the time Joan was likely conceived. It looks as though the identity of Clementia will be a mystery for a very long time. I was hoping we had something new with the land transfers and the wife of Joan's custodian being named Clemence, but there are too many possible interpretations. -Ken He became the father of Princess Eleanor (of England) in 1184.1 Prince Geoffrey (of England) became the father of Princess Maud (of England) circa 1185.1 Prince Geoffrey (of England) became the father of Duke Arthur I (of Brittany) on 30 April 1187.1


Duchess Constance (of Brittany) b. 12 June 1166, d. 31 August 1201
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