Pilgrim John Howland1

M, #2212, b. January 1591/92, d. 23 February 1672
Father*Henry Howland d. 1634/35
Mother*Margaret (?)

Names and TItles

Titled: Pilgrim in 1620.
     Pilgrim John Howland, son of Henry Howland and Margaret (?), was born in January 1591/92 in Fenstandon, Huntingdonshire, England.1 Pilgrim John Howland was the son of Henry Howland and Margaret (?) Pilgrim John Howland married Pilgrim Elizabeth Tilley, daughter of Pilgrim John Tilley and Pilgrim Joan Hurst, circa 25 March 1623 in Plymouth, Plymouth County, Massachusetts.2 Pilgrim John Howland died on 23 February 1672 in Rock Nook, Kingston, at age 80.2
     He was a servant to Pilgrim John Carver.2 Pilgrim John Howland emmigrated on 6 August 1620 from in London, England, on the Ship 'Mayflower'.3 Pilgrim John Howland immigraterd with Pilgrim John Carver and Katherine (?) in November 1620 to in Plymouth, Plymouth County, New Plymouth Colony, on the Ship 'Mayflower'.2 Pilgrim John Howland signed The Mayflower Compact on 11 November 1620 at Cape Cod. John's father Henry Howland died in 1634/35 in Fen Stanton, Huntingdonshire, England.4 John's daughter was married at wedding of Desire Howland and John Gorham in 1643.5 John's son was married at wedding of John Howland Jr and Mary Lee on 26 December 1651.5


     Pilgrim John Howland is described in The Great Migration Begins.


Pilgrim Elizabeth Tilley b. 30 August 1607, d. 22 December 1687
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