Fear Brewster1

F, #18875, b. between 1592 and 1608?, d. 1634
Father*Pilgrim William Brewster b. bt 1566 - 1567, d. 10 Apr 1644
Mother*Pilgrim Mary Wentworth b. 1569, d. 17 Apr 1627

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Married: Mrs (Brewster) Allerton as of July 1623.
     Fear Brewster was born between 1592 and 1608? She was the daughter of Pilgrim William Brewster and Pilgrim Mary Wentworth. Fear Brewster married Pilgrim Issac Allerton in July 1623 in Plymouth, Plymouth County, Massachusetts.1 Fear Brewster died in 1634 in Plymouth, Plymouth County, Massachusetts.1
     She became the mother of Sarah Allerton before 1596? Fear Brewster and Patience Brewster immigrated in August 1623 on the Ship 'Anne'.1 Fear's mother Pilgrim Mary Wentworth died on 17 April 1627 in Plymouth, Plymouth County, Massachusetts.2 Fear Brewster became the mother of Isaac Allerton circa 1630.3


1627in Plymouth, Plymouth County, New Plymouth ColonyFear Brewster was enumerated with Pilgrim Issac Allerton on the census of 22 May 1627 in Plymouth, Plymouth County, New Plymouth Colony, as his wife ffeare Allerton.4


     Fear Brewster is mentioned in Plymouth Colony Its History & People 1620-1691 under Pilgrim Issac Allerton.5


Pilgrim Issac Allerton b. circa 1586, d. February 1658/59
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