at Mossachuck Cemetery, Central Falls, Rhode Island

Cemetery Layout is a grid of four rows with three plots in each row.
Row 1: A) James Asquith (vault); B) Alice Asquith (vault); C) Mary A.Asquith d.1925
Row 2: A) Mary Asquith d. 1910; B) Cornelius Asquith; C) Bertha Asquith
Row 3: A) John Teeden & Sophia Hopkins; B) Mary Asquith; C) Thomas Asquith
Row 4: A) Peter Asquith; B) James A. Asquith; C) Empty
Thomas' sister known in family stories as Aunt Sophie is located row 3plot A.(Sophie Teedon Hopkins 1888-1964). His brother James xxxx-1910married Mary 1896-1958.