Prophet Muhammad (?)1

M, #1435045, b. 25 March 570, d. 8 June 632
Father*Abdallah ibn Abd Muttalib b. 554, d. 579
Mother*Amina bint Wahb b. bt 520 - 554?, d. 576
Relationship43rd great-grandfather of Robert Michael Damon

Names and TItles

Variation: The Prophet.
     Prophet Muhammad (?), son of Abdallah ibn Abd Muttalib and Amina bint Wahb, was born on 25 March 570 in Arabia.1 Prophet Muhammad (?) was the son of Abdallah ibn Abd Muttalib and Amina bint Wahb. Prophet Muhammad (?) married Khadija Qarayshi, daughter of Khuwailid (?). Prophet Muhammad (?) died on 8 June 632 in Medina, Arabia, at age 62.1
     Muhammad's mother Amina bint Wahb died in 576.1 Muhammad's father Abdallah ibn Abd Muttalib died in 579.1


Khadija Qarayshi b. circa 555, d. 620
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