Halfdan Frodsson (of Denmark)1

M, #1240049, b. 503
Father*Frodi Fridleifsson b. 479
Relationship44th great-grandfather of Robert Michael Damon
     Halfdan Frodsson (of Denmark), son of Frodi Fridleifsson, was born in 503.1 Halfdan Frodsson (of Denmark) was the son of Frodi Fridleifsson. Halfdan Frodsson (of Denmark) married Sigris (?)
     Halfdan Frodsson (of Denmark) became the father of Hroar Halfdansson in 526.1 Halfdan Frodsson (of Denmark) became the father of Helgi Hafldansdottir in 528.1


Sigris (?)
ChartsPedigree of Robert Damon (Big)
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