King Bernard (of Italy)1

M, #1231039, b. 797, d. 17 April 818
Father*King Pippin (Carloman) (of Italy)1 b. Apr 773, d. 8 Jul 810
Mother*Queen (?) of Italy1 b. c 777
Relationship34th great-grandfather of Robert Michael Damon

Names and TItles

Titled: King of Italy (Bernard) in 810.
     King Bernard (of Italy), son of King Pippin (Carloman) (of Italy) and Queen (?) of Italy, was born in 797 of Vermandois, Austrasia.1 King Bernard (of Italy) was the son of King Pippin (Carloman) (of Italy) and Queen (?) of Italy.1 King Bernard (of Italy) married Queen Cunigunde (of Italy).1 King Bernard (of Italy) died on 17 April 818 in Milan, Italy.1
     He became King of Italy in 810. Bernard's father King Pippin (Carloman) (of Italy) died on 8 July 810 in Milan, Italy.1 King Bernard (of Italy) became the father of Count Pbepin II Quentin (of Vermandois) circa 818.1


Queen Cunigunde (of Italy) b. circa 797, d. circa 835
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