King Ladislas I (of Hungary)1

M, #1051034, d. circa 1040
Father*Prince Michael1 d. bt 976 - 978
Mother*Adelaide (of Poland)1 d. a 997
Relationship32nd great-grandfather of Robert Michael Damon

Names and TItles

Variation: King Basil "the Blind" (of Hungary).1
Variation: King Vasul "the Blind" (of Hungary).1
Titled: Duke of Northern Hungary (Lasdislas I).1
Titled: King of Poland (Lasdislas I).1
     King Ladislas I (of Hungary) was the son of Prince Michael and Adelaide (of Poland).1 King Ladislas I (of Hungary) married Premylslava (of Kiev), daughter of Grand Duke Vladimir I 'The Great' (of Kiev) and Princess Rogneda (of Polotsk).1 King Ladislas I (of Hungary) died circa 1040 in Frehjahr.1
     He became King of Poland.1 King Ladislas I (of Hungary) was blinded by Stephen I before 1038.1


     King Ladislas I (of Hungary) has ID 51-34 in Royalty for Commoners.1
King Ladislas I (of Hungary) has ID 225-35 in Royalty for Commoners.1


Premylslava (of Kiev) b. circa 980
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