King Pedro III (?) "the Cruel"1,2

M, #1001421, b. 30 August 1334, d. 22 March 1369

Names and TItles

Variation: King Pedro I 'The Cruel' Alfonsez of Castile and Leon.3
Titled: King of Castile and Leon (Pedro I).3
Variation: King Peteri (of Castile).1
Titled: King of Castile (Perteri).1
Titled: King of Castile (Pedro III).1
     King Pedro III (?) "the Cruel" was born on 30 August 1334 in Burgos, Burgos, Spain.3 He married Maria Juana De Padilla in 1353 of Burgos, Burgos, Spain.3 King Pedro III (?) "the Cruel" died on 22 March 1369 in Montiel, Ciudad Real, Spain, at age 34.3 He was buried at Catedral De Sevilla, Sevilla, Sevilla, Spain.3
     He became the father of Princess Constanza Perez (of Castile And Léon) in 1354.3 King Pedro III (?) "the Cruel" became King of Castile.1 King Pedro III (?) "the Cruel" became the father of Beatriz Perez in 1354.3 King Pedro III (?) "the Cruel" became the father of Princess Isabel (of Castile And Léon) in 1355.3 King Pedro III (?) "the Cruel" became the father of Alfonso Perez in 1359.3 King Pedro III (?) "the Cruel" became a widower with the death of his wife, Maria Juana De Padilla in July 1361 in Sevilla, Sevilla, Spain.3 Pedro III's son Alfonso Perez died on 19 October 1362.3 Pedro III's daughter Beatriz Perez died in 1369.3

The Royal Family Gedcom by Samuel H Sloan, list this as all one family under Pedro I "the Cruel"
The Plantagent Dynasties family tree from gives parts of these under two different families:
Isabel under King PETERI and Constance under PEDRO III both King of Castile.
It could be PETERI -> PETER I -> PEDRO I and PEDRO III is a typo in the number or a varient way of counting the position. It could also be that Mr. Sloan is in error in pulling the family together.3,1


Maria Juana De Padilla b. circa 1334, d. July 1361
Last Edited19 Mar 2004


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