Sweyn Forkbeard1

M, #9219
Father*King Harold Bluetooth of Denmark1 d. 985

Names and TItles

Variation: Sven.2
Titled: King of Denmark (Sweyn Forkbeard) circa 986.3
Titled: King of England (Sweyn Forkbeard) in 1013.3
     Sweyn Forkbeard was the son of King Harold Bluetooth of Denmark.1 Sweyn Forkbeard married second Sigrid (?)1 Sweyn Forkbeard married first Gunhilda (of Poland).1
     Sweyn Forkbeard became King of Denmark circa 986 replacing King Harold Bluetooth of Denmark.1 Sweyn Forkbeard became King of England in 1013 replacing King Ethelred II "the Unready" (of England).3 Sweyn Forkbeard was replaced as King of England by King Ethelred II "the Unready" (of England) in 1014.3

Family 1


Family 3

Sigrid (?)
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