Sarah Taber1

F, #8642, b. 11 February 1763?, d. 15 December 1797
Father*Jacob Taber1 b. 21 May 1723, d. 16 Oct 1806
Mother*Lydia Howland1 b. 9 Jul 1735, d. 21 Feb 1776
Relationship2nd cousin 7 times removed of Robert Michael Damon

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Married: Mrs. (Taber) Howland as of 24 September 1788.1
     Sarah Taber, daughter of Jacob Taber and Lydia Howland, was born on 11 February 1763? in Dartmouth, Bristol County, Massachusetts; Birth date give as 11 Feb. 1863 which is impossible (after marriage and death).1 Sarah Taber was the daughter of Jacob Taber and Lydia Howland.1 Sarah Taber married Joseph Howland, son of William Howland and Dorothy (?), on 24 September 1788.1 Sarah Taber died on 15 December 1797 at age 34.1
     Sarah's mother Lydia Howland died on 21 February 1776 in Vassalboro, Massachusetts (now Maine).1 As of circa 1779, Sarah Taber was living with Jacob Taber in Vassalboro, Massachusetts (now Maine).1 Sarah Taber met for worship at at Vassalboro Monthly Meeting, Vassalboro, Massachusetts (now Maine), circa 1779.1
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