Bridgett Fitts1

F, #8513, b. between 1595 and 1629?
Relationship11th great-grandmother of Robert Michael Damon

Names and TItles

Married: Mrs (Fitts) Travers as of between 1610 and 1644?
Married: Mrs (Fitts-Travers) Winslow as of 30 March 1659.2
     Bridgett Fitts was born between 1595 and 1629?3 She married Henrie Travers before 1636; No record found for date of marriage. Some have indicated that Bridgett was his second wife, but no evidence has been found of an earlier wife, but some suspect there was one in England.1,2 Bridgett Fitts married Richard Winslow on 30 March 1659.2
     Bridgett Fitts became the mother of Sarah Travers in 1636.2 Bridgett Fitts became the mother of James Travis on 28 April 1645.1,2 Bridgett Fitts was an heir in the will of Henrie Travers dated 26 July 1648.2 Bridgett Fitts became a widow with the death of her husband, Henrie Travers after 1648; never having returned from London, was declared to be dead in 1655.1,2 Bridgett Fitts received property in Henrie Travers's will in 1655.2


     Bridgett Fitts has ID Tree 67, Individual 5 in Winslow Johnson Damon Family Tree.1

Family 1

Henrie Travers b. between 1595 and 1629?, d. after 1648

Family 2

Richard Winslow
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