Robert Abell1,2,3,4

M, #6620, b. 1605, d. 20 June 1663
Father*George Abell2,4 b. c 1561
Mother*Frances Cotton2,4 b. c 1573
Relationship10th cousin 13 times removed of Robert Michael Damon
     Robert Abell, son of George Abell and Frances Cotton, was born in 1605 in Hemington, Leicestershire, England; or Stapenhill, Derbyshire.2,3 Robert Abell was the son of George Abell and Frances Cotton.2,4 Robert Abell married Joanna (?) before 1639 in Weymouth, Norfolk County, Massachusetts; or possible in England.2,3 Robert Abell died on 20 June 1663 in Rehoboth, (now Bristol County), New Plymouth Colony.2,3
     He is 18 Generations a descendant of King Alfonso IX "el Barboro" (of Leon).2 Robert Abell immigrated in June 1630 on the Fleet Governor Winthrop's.2,3 Robert Abell became the father of Abraham Abell before 1639.3 Robert Abell became the father of Mary Abell on 11 April 1642.3 Robert Abell became the father of Preserved Abell say 1644.3 Robert Abell became the father of Caleb Abell circa 1647.3 Robert Abell became the father of Joshua Abell say 1649.3


     Robert Abell is described in The Great Migration Begins.


Joanna (?) d. after 1682
Last Edited18 Jun 2004


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