Owen Tudor1

M, #6408, b. circa 1397, d. 2 February 1461

Names and TItles

Titled: Earl of Richmond.2
     Owen Tudor was born circa 1397 of Snowdon, Carnarvonshire, Wales.3 He married Princess Catherine Valois of France, daughter of King Charles VI (of France), circa 1428.3,1 Owen Tudor died on 2 February 1461.3 He was buried at Grey Friars Church, Herefordshire, England.3
     He became the father of Tacina Tudor circa 1425.3 Owen Tudor became the father of Earl Jasper Tudor circa 1430.3 Owen Tudor became the father of Earl Edmund Tudor in 1430.3 Owen Tudor became the father of Catherine Tudor circa 1436.3 Owen's daughter Catherine Tudor died in 1436.3 Owen's son was married at wedding of Earl Edmund Tudor and Margaret Beaufort on 1 November 1455.3,1 Owen's son Earl Edmund Tudor died on 1 November 1456.3 Owen Tudor became the father of Owen Tudor circa 1545.3


Princess Catherine Valois of France b. 27 October 1401, d. 3 January 1437
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