Sarah Frie1

F, #521, b. 25 March 1721, d. 24 July 1816
Father*Samuel Frye1 b. 26 Apr 1694, d. 17 Oct 1761
Mother*Sarah Osgood1 b. 8 Aug 1697, d. 6 Apr 1760
Relationship7th great-grandmother of Robert Michael Damon

Names and TItles

Married: Mrs (Frie) Farnum as of 26 December 1738.1
     Sarah Frie, daughter of Samuel Frye and Sarah Osgood, was born on 25 March 1721.1 Sarah Frie was the daughter of Samuel Frye and Sarah Osgood.1 Sarah Frie married Capt John Farnum Jr, son of Deacon John Farnum and Joanna Barker, on 26 December 1738.1 Sarah Frie died on 24 July 1816 at age 95.1
     She became the mother of Jedidiah Farnum Sr on 10 January 1745.1 Sarah's mother Sarah Osgood died on 6 April 1760.1 Sarah's father Samuel Frye died on 17 October 1761.1 Sarah's son was married at wedding of Jedidiah Farnum Sr and Rebecca Poor on 26 December 1771.1 Sarah Frie became a widow with the death of her husband, Capt John Farnum Jr on 21 October 1786 at age 75.1


     Sarah Frie has ID Tree 3, Individual 5 in Winslow Johnson Damon Family Tree.1


Capt John Farnum Jr b. 1 April 1711, d. 21 October 1786
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