Mary Eggleston1,2

F, #4305
Father*Bagot Eggleston2
Mother*Bridget (?)2 b. ~ 1592, d. bt 1623 - 1686
Relationship10th great-grandmother of Robert Michael Damon

Names and TItles

Married: Mrs (Eggleston) Sanderson as of 10 October 1645.
Mary Eggleston was the daughter of Bagot Eggleston and Bridget (?)2 Mary Eggleston married Edward Sanderson on 10 October 1645.2
Mary Eggleston and Mary Eggleston, daughter of Bigod Eggleston and Mrs (wife1) (?) Eggleston, were probably not the same person for many reasons: she would have been 30 at the time of here marriage, Bigod did not name her or any of her children in his will, and the Egglestons of Windsor had no known connection with Watertown at this early date.3 Mary Eggleston became the mother of Deacon Jonathan Sanderson on 15 September 1646.4,2


Mary Eggleston has ID Tree 80, Individual 3 in Winslow Johnson Damon Family Tree.2

Child of Mary Eggleston and Edward Sanderson

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Indented Pedigree of Robert Damon (Limited)
Last Edited31 Aug 2002


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