Philip Delano1

M, #3036
     Philip Delano married Heaster Dewsbury.
     Philip Delano immigrated on 9 November 1621 on the Ship 'Fortune'.2 Philip Delano is not a descendant of Royalty Sufficient proof of alleged royal ancestray is lacking.3,4,5 Philip Delano became the father of Thomas Delano on 21 March 1641/42.1


1627in Plymouth, Plymouth County, New Plymouth ColonyPhilip Delano was enumerated with Pilgrim Francis Cooke on the census of 22 May 1627 in Plymouth, Plymouth County, New Plymouth Colony, as Phillip Delanoy.6


     Philip Delano is described in The Great Migration Begins.


Heaster Dewsbury
Last Edited20 May 2002


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