Alice Carpenter1,2

F, #2487, b. circa 1590, d. 26 March 1670
Father*Alexander Carpenter b. bt 1548 - 1567?, d. bt 1612 - 1663?
Mother*Mrs (?) (?) Carpenter b. bt 1548 - 1567?, d. b 1646
Relationship11th great-grandaunt of Robert Michael Damon

Names and TItles

Married: Mrs (Carpenter) Southworth as of 1613.3
Married: Mrs (Carpenter) Bradford as of 24 August 1623.
     Alice Carpenter was born circa 1590.3 She was the daughter of Alexander Carpenter and Mrs (?) (?) Carpenter. Alice Carpenter married Edward Southworth, son of Thomas Southworth and Rosamond Lister, in 1613.4,3 Alice Carpenter married Gov William Bradford, son of William Bradford and Alice Hanson, on 14 August 1623 in Plymouth, Plymouth County, Massachusetts.3 Alice Carpenter died on 26 March 1670.1
     She became the mother of Ensign Constant Southworth before 1612.4,3 Alice Carpenter immigrated in August 1623 on the Ship 'Anne'.5 Alice Carpenter became the mother of Mercy Bradford between 1624 and 1627. Alice Carpenter became the mother of William Bradford on 17 June 1624.6 Alice Carpenter became the mother of Joseph Bradford circa 1630.7 Alice's son was married at wedding of Ensign Constant Southworth and Elizabeth Collier on 2 November 1637 in Plymouth, Plymouth County, Massachusetts.4,3 Alice's son was married at wedding of Captain Thomas Southworth and Elizabeth Raynor in 1641.4 Alice's son was married at wedding of Joseph Bradford and Jael Hobart on 25 May 1664 in Hingham, Plymouth County, Massachusetts.7 Alice's son Captain Thomas Southworth died in 1669.4 Alice Carpenter is not a descendant of Royalty Sufficient proof of alleged royal ancestry is lacking.4,8


1627in Plymouth, Plymouth County, New Plymouth ColonyAlice Carpenter was enumerated with Gov William Bradford on the census of 22 May 1627 in Plymouth, Plymouth County, New Plymouth Colony.9


     Alice Carpenter is mentioned in The Great Migration Begins under Priscilla Carpenter.3

Family 1

Edward Southworth b. 1590, d. circa 1621

Family 2

Gov William Bradford b. 19 March 1589/90, d. 9 May 1657
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