Mary Warren1

F, #2123, b. 1653, d. 12 May 1734
Father*Daniel Warren1 b. 1626/27, d. 1715
Mother*Mary Barron1 b. bt 1616 - 1645?, d. 13 Feb 1716
Relationship9th great-grandmother of Robert Michael Damon

Names and TItles

Married: Mrs (Warren) Child as of before 1677.
Married: Mrs (Warren) Fiske as of 13 April 1677.
     Mary Warren, daughter of Daniel Warren and Mary Barron, was born in 1653.1 Mary Warren was the daughter of Daniel Warren and Mary Barron.1 Mary Warren married Nathaniel Fiske, son of Nathan Fiske and Susanna (?), on 13 April 1677.1 Mary Warren married John Child before 1677.1 Mary Warren died on 12 May 1734.1
     She became the mother of Hannah Fiske on 29 August 1680.1 Mary's daughter was married at wedding of Hannah Fiske and Joshua Bigelow on 17 October 1701.1 Mary's father Daniel Warren died in 1715.2 Mary's mother Mary Barron died on 13 February 1716.1


     Mary Warren has ID Tree 66A, Individual 1 in Winslow Johnson Damon Family Tree.1


Nathaniel Fiske b. 12 July 1653, d. 1735
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