King Arnulf (of Germany)1

M, #12037, d. 899?
Father*King Carloman (of Bavaria)1 d. 880
Relationship2nd cousin 33 times removed of Robert Michael Damon

Names and TItles

Titled: King of Germany from 887 to 899.1
Titled: Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire from 896 to 899.1
     King Arnulf (of Germany) was the son of King Carloman (of Bavaria).1 King Arnulf (of Germany) died in 899?1
     Arnulf's father King Carloman (of Bavaria) died in 880.1 King Arnulf (of Germany) became King of Germany in 887 replacing King Charles II (the fat) (of France).1 King Arnulf (of Germany) was replaced as Holy Roman Emperor by Emperor Guido of the Holy Roman Empire in 891.1 King Arnulf (of Germany) became Holy Roman Emperor in 896 replacing Emperor Lambert (of the Holy Roman Empire).1 King Arnulf (of Germany) was replaced as King of Germany by King Louis (the Child) (of Germany) in 899.1
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