King Duncan II (of Scotland)1

M, #10354, b. between 1060 and 1066, d. 12 November 1094
Father*King Malcom III (of Scotland) Ceannmor1 b. c 1033, d. 13 Nov 1093
Mother*Ingeborg Finnsdatter1 b. c 1021, d. c 1066
Relationship25th great-granduncle of Robert Michael Damon

Names and TItles

Titled: King of Scotland (Duncan II) from May 1094 to November 1094.1
     King Duncan II (of Scotland), son of King Malcom III (of Scotland) Ceannmor and Ingeborg Finnsdatter, was born between 1060 and 1066 in Scotland.2 King Duncan II (of Scotland) was the son of King Malcom III (of Scotland) Ceannmor and Ingeborg Finnsdatter.1 King Duncan II (of Scotland) married Eythekreda (?), daughter of Earl Gospatric (of Northumberland) and Princess Aethelreda (of England), circa 1094 in Scotland.2,1 King Duncan II (of Scotland) died on 12 November 1094 in Mondynes, Scotland.2 He was buried in Iona.2
     Duncan II's mother Ingeborg Finnsdatter died circa 1066.2 Duncan II's father King Malcom III (of Scotland) Ceannmor died on 13 November 1093 in battle besieging Alnwick Castle, Alnwick, Northumberland, England.3 King Duncan II (of Scotland) became King of Scotland in May 1094 replacing King Donald 'Bane' III (of Scotland).1 King Duncan II (of Scotland) was replaced as King of Scotland by King Donald 'Bane' III (of Scotland) in November 1094.1 King Duncan II (of Scotland) became the father of Prince William Fitzduncan (of Scotland) circa 1095.2


Eythekreda (?) b. circa 1068
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