King Athelstan (of England)1

M, #10226
Father*King Edward I 'The Elder' (of England)1 d. Jul 924
Mother*Ecgwyn (?)1
Relationship31st great-granduncle of Robert Michael Damon

Names and TItles

Variation: King Ethelstan (of England).2
Titled: King of England (Athelstan) from 924 to 939.1
     King Athelstan (of England) was the son of King Edward I 'The Elder' (of England) and Ecgwyn (?)1
     King Athelstan (of England) became King of England in 924 replacing King Edward I 'The Elder' (of England).1 King Athelstan (of England) was replaced as King of England by King Edmund I "the Deed Doer" (?) in 939.1
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