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Subject: Re: A Hoyt's Relative
Hi Richard,
Thank you for making copies of what Aunt Mildred manuscript and what your wife Barbara had researched. I really appreciate it!
From my findings and from what you have, we had two Lucy Hodgkin's in the family. From the information that I have collected over the years. I have Lucy G. Hodgkin's, born November 7, 1814, in Vienna, Kennebec, ME. She was the mother to our Eli Hoyt, jr. She married Eli Hoyt, Sr., June 14, 1838, in Athens, Somerset Co., ME. Her Father was True B. Hodgkin's and her Mother was Joanna Davis. Joanna Davis was born January 30, 1779, in Davisville, Merrimack, New Hampshire, She died August 10, 1849, in Chester, Franklin, Maine. Joanna Davis parents were, Lemuel Davis and Hannah Currier. Guess that's where Uncle Amos Hodgkin's Currier Hoyt gets his name from.

I thought I would also include some information that you didn't have listed on Gencircles. This information was given to me from my Aunt Ruth Bogue Haynes, and from other research I have done.

Eli Edward Hoyt the oldest sibling was born in Logansville, York Co., PA. on October 9, 1872. He died November 25, 1897.

Henry Griffin Hoyt, born October 5, 1873, in PA. I should have the date when he died. My Dad and his 2 sisters went to ME. to the funeral. Guess I will have to ask my cousin to send it to me. Will let you know what it was in another email.

Marilla May Hoyt was also born in PA, August 26, 1876. Died Abt. 1899.

Philip Alvin Hoyt, born March 19, 1878, in Cornville, Somerset, ME.

Birdena (Dena) May Hoyt, born May 5, 1887, in Hartland, Somerset, ME. Died abt. 1966.

Dora Lucy Hoyt, was born February 28, 1891, in Madison, Somerset, ME. She died April 7, 1953, in Westerly, RI. And is buried in Riverside Cemetery, Westerly, RI.
Dora's husband George Clinton Bogue, born February 17, 1890, in New London, CT. Died February 2, 1947, in New Haven, CT. George and Dora divorced in abt. 1928/9. George remarried a Katherine (Kitty) ? and lived in New Haven, CT till his death. He worked for the New Haven Railroad. Dora never remarried. She had diabetes.

Children of Dora Hoyt Bogue and George Bogue:

Dorothea Bogue, born August 10, 1916, in Melrose, MA. Died February 17, 1982, in Westerly, RI. Died from Lung cancer.
Ruth Elizabeth Bogue, born December 9, 1917, in Wakefield, MA. Died February 6, 2002, in Mystic, CT. Married to George William (Bill) Haynes of Connecticut. Married November 9, 1940, in Noank, CT.
Helen Louise Bogue, born October 24, 1920, in Westerly, RI. Died February 4, 2001, in Lynchburg, VA. Married to David J. Demers of Westerly, RI. Helen died from Lung cancer.
George Robert Bogue (Robert), born July 20, 1922, in Westerly, RI. Died November 28, 1988, in Des Moines, IA. Died from Emphysema.
Donald Hoyt Bogue, born February 8, 1924, in Westerly, RI. Died July 30, 1986, in New London, CT. Married to Billie Caneega Bogue. November 19, 1943, in SC.

Don and Billie Bogue's Children:

Donalyn Bogue
Linda Carol Bogue, born August 23, 1949. Died May 12, 1953.
Catherine Ann Bogue

Irving Milton Hoyt was born December 21, 1893. (I have a small vase that Uncle Irving made out of shell casing from World War I.) My Dad gave me back in 1983 in CT.
According to the 1880 Maine census and my Aunt Ruth B. Haynes. Sarah Elizabeth Berry Hoyt, born May 17, 1853, in Sugar Valley, PA. And in the 1880 Maine census, her parents are listed as born in MA. My Aunt Ruth Bogue Haynes also told me that Sarah E. Berry's family was Pennsylvania Dutch, also that they were of Jewish faith. That the family was known as Black Dutch. Meaning they only spoke German. Aunt Ruth gave me the names and birth dates. Aunt Dot had the notes and family Bible after Nana passed away. She kept up with the log of births and deaths along the way. Then Aunt Ruth started keeping them up after Aunt Dot passed away.

Well, again, Richard I appreciate your making the copies and sending them out to me. Look forward to corresponding with you in the future. My best to your bride.