Cardinal Henry Stuart1

M, #6482, b. 21 March 1725, d. 13 July 1807
Father*King (Jocabite) James Francis Edward Stuart1 b. 10 Jun 1688, d. 1 Jan 1766
Mother*Princess Mary Clementina Sobieski1 b. 18 Jul 1702, d. 18 Jan 1735
Relationship11th cousin 8 times removed of Robert Michael Damon
King Henry IX and I

Names and TItles

Titled: Prince of England, Scotland, France and Ireland.2
Titled: Duke of York (Stuart) before 1733.2
Titled: Cardinal Duke of York (Stuart) on 9 July 1747.2
Titled: (Jacobite) King of England (Henry IX and I) on 31 January 1788.2
Titled: Cardinal called Duke of York (Stuart) on 31 January 1788.1
     Cardinal Henry Stuart was born on 21 March 1725 in the Palazzo Balestra, Rome, Italy, to, son of King (Jocabite) James Francis Edward Stuart and Princess Mary Clementina Sobieski.2 Cardinal Henry Stuart was the son of King (Jocabite) James Francis Edward Stuart and Princess Mary Clementina Sobieski.1 Cardinal Henry Stuart died on 13 July 1807 at age 82.1
     Henry's mother Princess Mary Clementina Sobieski died on 18 January 1735 at Apostle's Palace, Rome, Rome, Italy.3 Henry's father King (Jocabite) James Francis Edward Stuart died on 1 January 1766 in the Palazzo Balestra, Rome, Italy.1,4 Cardinal Henry Stuart became King (Jacobite) of England on 31 January 1788 replacing Prince Charles Edward Stuart.2 Cardinal Henry Stuart was replaced as King (Jacobite) of England by King Carlo Emanuele IV Ferdinando Mario (of Sardinia) on 13 July 1807.5
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