John Rogers1,2

M, #309010, b. circa 1640, d. 28 June 1732
Father*John Rogers
     John Rogers, son of John Rogers, was born circa 1640.3 John Rogers was the son of John Rogers. John Rogers married Elizabeth Pabodie, daughter of William Pabodie and Elizabeth Alden, on 16 November 1666.3 John Rogers married Marah Newell after 1677. John Rogers died on 28 June 1732.3 He was buried in Barrington.3
     He became the father of Hannah Rogers on 16 November 1668.4 John Rogers became the father of John Rogers on 22 September 1670.3 John Rogers became the father of Elizabeth Rogers circa 1672.3 John Rogers became the father of Ruth Rogers on 18 April 1675.3 John Rogers became the father of Sarah Rogers on 4 May 1677.3 John's daughter was married at wedding of Hannah Rogers and Samuel Bradford on 31 July 1689 in Plymouth, Plymouth County, Massachusetts.4 John's son John Rogers died on 2 November 1696 in Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts.3 John's daughter Elizabeth Rogers died on 23 October 1724.3

Family 1

Elizabeth Pabodie b. 24 April 1647, d. before 1707

Family 2

Marah Newell
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