King Fernando II (?)1

M, #1052027, b. 1137, d. 22 January 1187/88
Father*King Alfonso VII (?)1 b. 1 Mar 1104/5, d. 21 Aug 1157
Mother*Berengaria (of Barcelona)1 d. Feb 1148/49
Relationship25th great-grandfather of Robert Michael Damon

Names and TItles

Titled: King of Galicia and Extremadura (Fernando) in 1157.1
Titled: King of Leon (Fernando II) from 1157 to 1188.2,1
     King Fernando II (?) was born in 1137.1 He was the son of King Alfonso VII (?) and Berengaria (of Barcelona).1 King Fernando II (?) married first Princess Urraca (?), daughter of Alfonso I Henriques and Maud (of Savoy), in 1164.1 King Fernando II (?) and Princess Urraca (?) were divorced in June 1175.1 King Fernando II (?) married second Teresa Fernandez de Traba, daughter of Fernando Perez de Traba and Sancha Gonzalez, in August 1179.1 King Fernando II (?) married third Urraca Lopez de Haro, daughter of Lope Diaz de Haro and Aldonza Ruiz, in May 1187.1 King Fernando II (?) died on 22 January 1187/88 in Benavente, Italy, survived by Urraca Lopez de Haro.1
     Fernando II's mother Berengaria (of Barcelona) died in February 1148/49.3 King Fernando II (?) became King of Leon, in 1157.1 King Fernando II (?) became King of Galicia and Extremadura, in 1157.3 Fernando II's father King Alfonso VII (?) died on 21 August 1157.3 King Fernando II (?) became the father of King Alfonso IX "el Barboro" (of Leon) on 15 August 1171.1 King Fernando II (?) became a widower with the death of his wife, Teresa Fernandez de Traba on 7 February 1179/80.1 King Fernando II (?) was the first king to use the royal symbol of the lion in a truly heraldic form.1


     King Fernando II (?) has ID 52-27 in Royalty for Commoners.1

Family 1

Princess Urraca (?) b. circa 1150, d. 16 October 1188

Family 2

Teresa Fernandez de Traba d. 7 February 1179/80

Family 3

Urraca Lopez de Haro d. 1223
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