Louis , Earl Mountbatten Of Burma Mountbatten1

M, #12449, b. 25 June 1900, d. 27 August 1979
Father*Prince Louis Alexander1 b. 24 May 1854, d. 11 Sep 1921
Mother*Princess Victoria Alberta (of Hesse)1 b. 5 Apr 1863, d. 24 Sep 1950
Relationship18th cousin 1 time removed of Robert Michael Damon
     Louis , Earl Mountbatten Of Burma Mountbatten, son of Prince Louis Alexander and Princess Victoria Alberta (of Hesse), was born on 25 June 1900 at Windsor Castle, Berkshire, England.1 Louis , Earl Mountbatten Of Burma Mountbatten was the son of Prince Louis Alexander and Princess Victoria Alberta (of Hesse).1 Louis , Earl Mountbatten Of Burma Mountbatten died on 27 August 1979 in Donegal Bay, County Sligo, Ireland, at age 79.1
     Louis Francis Albert Victor Nicholas Mountbatten, b. June 25, 1900, d.Aug. 27, 1979, was on e of Britain's great war heroes. A great-grandson ofQueen Victoria, he entered the Royal Nav y in 1913. (At that time hisfather, Prince Louis of Battenberg--later 1st marquess of Milford -Haven;1854-1921--was first sea lord; after the outbreak of World War I,however, he was force d to resign because of his German birth, and helater changed the family name to Mountbatten. ) While chief of Britishcombined operations (1942-43) in World War II, Mountbatten directed t heinvasion of Madagascar and commando raids on Norway and France. Assupreme Allied commande r for Southeast Asia (1943-46), he was responsiblefor the recapture of Burma from Japan. Th e last viceroy of India, hesupervised the creation of the states of India and Pakistan in 194 7. Hewas created Lord Mountbatten of Burma that same year. Subsequently, hewas first sea lor d (1955-59). Mountbatten retired in 1965, although heremained a confidant of Queen Elizabet h II, whose husband, Prince Philip,was his nephew. He died when a bomb demolished his fishin g boat in watersoff the northwest coast of Ireland. A member of the Provisional wing ofthe Ir ish Republican Army was convicted of the murder. "Not all information in this family tree has been verified." All corrections are welcome. Updated September 14, 2001.1 Louis , Earl Mountbatten Of Burma's father Prince Louis Alexander died on 11 September 1921.1 Louis , Earl Mountbatten Of Burma's mother Princess Victoria Alberta (of Hesse) died on 24 September 1950.1,2
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