Czarina Mariya (Dagmar) (of Russia)1

F, #11475, b. 26 November 1847, d. 13 October 1928
Father*King Christian IX (of Denmark)1 b. 8 Apr 1818, d. 29 Jan 1906
Mother*Princess Luise Wilhelmine Friederike (of Hesse-Kassel-Rumpenheim)1 b. 7 Sep 1817, d. 29 Sep 1898
Relationship16th cousin 3 times removed of Robert Michael Damon

Names and TItles

Titled: Czarina of Russia.1
     Czarina Mariya (Dagmar) (of Russia), daughter of King Christian IX (of Denmark) and Princess Luise Wilhelmine Friederike (of Hesse-Kassel-Rumpenheim), was born on 26 November 1847 in Gule Palae, Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark.1 Czarina Mariya (Dagmar) (of Russia) was the daughter of King Christian IX (of Denmark) and Princess Luise Wilhelmine Friederike (of Hesse-Kassel-Rumpenheim).1 Czarina Mariya (Dagmar) (of Russia) married Alexander III Alexandrovich (of Russia), son of Aleksandr II Nicholoevich Romanov and Mariya Maximiliane Wilhelmine (of Russia), in 1866 in St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg, Russia.1 Czarina Mariya (Dagmar) (of Russia) died on 13 October 1928 in Villa Hvidoere, Copenhagen, Denmark, at age 80.1
     She became the mother of Nikolas II Romanov on 18 May 1868.1 Czarina Mariya (Dagmar) (of Russia) became the mother of Alexander Alexandrovich Romanov in 1869.1 Mariya (Dagmar)'s son Alexander Alexandrovich Romanov died in 1870.1 Czarina Mariya (Dagmar) (of Russia) became the mother of George Alexandrovich Romanov in 1871.1 Czarina Mariya (Dagmar) (of Russia) became the mother of Xeniya Romanov on 25 March 1875.1 Czarina Mariya (Dagmar) (of Russia) became the mother of Mikhail Alexandrovitch Romanov on 22 November 1878.1 Czarina Mariya (Dagmar) (of Russia) became the mother of Olga Alexandrovna Romanov on 1 June 1882.1 Czarina Mariya (Dagmar) (of Russia) became a widow with the death of her husband, Alexander III Alexandrovich (of Russia) on 20 October 1894 in Livadia, Crimea, Near Yalta, Russia, at age 49.1 Mariya (Dagmar)'s son was married at wedding of Nikolas II Romanov and Alexandre Fedorovna on 26 November 1894 at the Winter Palace, St. Petersburg, Russia.1 Mariya (Dagmar)'s mother Princess Luise Wilhelmine Friederike (of Hesse-Kassel-Rumpenheim) died on 29 September 1898 in Bernstorff Slot, Jaegersborg-Gentofte, Copenhagen, Denmark.1 Mariya (Dagmar)'s son George Alexandrovich Romanov died in July 1899 in Abbas Tuman, Caucasus, Russia.1 Mariya (Dagmar)'s father King Christian IX (of Denmark) died on 29 January 1906 in Amalienborg Slot, Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark.1,2 Mariya (Dagmar)'s daughter was married at wedding of Olga Alexandrovna Romanov and Nikolaj Aleksandrovich Kulikovskij on 14 November 1916 in Kiev, Kiev, Ukraine.1 Mariya (Dagmar)'s son Mikhail Alexandrovitch Romanov died on 10 July 1918 in Perm, Molotov, Russia.1 Mariya (Dagmar)'s son Nikolas II Romanov died on 16 July 1918 in Ekaterinburg, Russia, Russia.1


Alexander III Alexandrovich (of Russia) b. 26 February 1845, d. 20 October 1894
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