From: Alice M Smith
To: Richard Damon
Subject: Re your Abigail (Hart)/Moses Stout family line
Sent: Tues 4/1/2008 1:36 PM

Good afternoon, Richard Damon ~
Yesterday I was fishing about in RootsWeb and found your submission of October '04 as pertains to your Stout family. We had a brief correspondence a number of years ago, if you recall: I was, and am, working on a genealogy of the Hart family--have been for over twenty years.
I think you are entitled to additional information for your own family, so here goes.
Martha (Furman) Hart, Signer John's mother, died after 1779: she was mentioned in his will, to be provided for by his nephew, Levi Hart.
Edward Stout, son of Abigail and Moses, was b. in 1777; his wife's name was Catherine Breece. (With spelling variations...)
Their daughter's name was Clementina. David Wortman was b. 1826, d. after 1897.
His daughter was Clementina Maria Wortman.
Lillian Dumont Wortman, b. 26 November 1864.
Oliver Barnett Gaston Wortman, b. 16 December 1867.
Marie Irene Wortman, b. 13 December 1870, m. John Van Nortrick Conover.
Both d. after 1898.
Their daughter Aurilla Conover was b. 11 February 1890.
John Howard Wortman was b. 5 February 1873.
Charles Case Wortman was b. 26 March 1878.
Edward Stout Wortman was b. 10 January 1839.
Catherine Wortman was b. 1 February 1843. Her husband, Tunis VanDerveer was b. 8 August 1834.
Their children:
James VanDerveer, b. 24 April 1864, m. Annie Caroline Curley, b. 20 January 1867. Both d. after 1898.
Clementina Wortman VanDerveer, b. 12 October 1867.
Margaretta VanDerveer, b. 11 November 1869, m. Edward Walden Hickcox, b. 9 March 1865.
Edward Walden Hickcox, Jr., b. 1 October 1889.
Then, your Adelaide and William Hoyt--dates OK.
Stella Calvin VanDerveer, b. 23 December 1872.

After Stella, there's more: I'll take care of that tomorrow. I must go for an errand in just a few minutes.
I've tried to follow this right down your listing in the submission: I hope it's understandable. Be sure to check my spelling against yours.
Would you be willing to provide the "Living" Taber names and dates for inclusion in the Hart genealogy (including yours), plus any children, and grandchildren?
Alice Smith