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Hudson Monthly Meeting1

?, #18534
Father*Monthly Meeting1
     Hudson Monthly Meeting was the child of Monthly Meeting.1
     Samuel Smith met for worship at at Hudson Monthy Meeting.2 Hudson Monthly Meeting and Samuel Smith had a certificate in January 1832.2
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  2. [S12] William Wade Henshaw, Encylopdia of Quaker Genealogy, Volume 3, page 295.

Lynn Marie Hart1

F, #18539
Father*John Olin Hart b. 30 Jun 1934, d. 6 Nov 2006
Mother*Jovita May Darr b. 3 Aug 1935, d. 18 Apr 2010
     Lynn Marie Hart is the daughter of John Olin Hart and Jovita May Darr. Lynn Marie Hart married William Hoyt Taber, son of David Shearman Taber III and Ruth Van Derveer Hoyt, on 30 May 1981 at Smith College, Northampton, Hampshire County, Massachusetts.1
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  1. [S16] Interview with Lynn Marie Hart Taber (Arlington, MA), by Richard Smith Damon. Richard Smith Damon (Arlington, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, in).