Duke Robert I "the Devil" (of Normandy)1

M, #1089031, b. circa 1000, d. 22 July 1035
Father*Duke Richard II "the Good" (of Normandy)1 b. 958, d. 1026
Mother*Judith (of Rennes)1 b. 982, d. 16 Jun 1017
Relationship27th great-grandfather of Robert Michael Damon

Names and TItles

Variation: Duke Robert I 'The Magnificent' (of Normandy).2
Titled: Duke of Normandy.3,1
Titled: Crusader.1
     Duke Robert I "the Devil" (of Normandy) was born circa 1000 in Normandy, France.1 He was the son of Duke Richard II "the Good" (of Normandy) and Judith (of Rennes).1 Duke Robert I "the Devil" (of Normandy) and Herleve (?) had a relationship circa 1023.2,1 Duke Robert I "the Devil" (of Normandy) died on 22 July 1035 in Nicaea, Bithynia, Turkey.1 He was buried in Nicaea, Bithynia, Turkey.2
     Robert I "the Devil"'s mother Judith (of Rennes) died on 16 June 1017 of Normandie, France.2 Robert I "the Devil"'s father Duke Richard II "the Good" (of Normandy) died in 1026.4 Duke Robert I "the Devil" (of Normandy) became the father of Adbelahide De Normandie circa 1027.2


     Duke Robert I "the Devil" (of Normandy) has ID 89-31 in Royalty for Commoners.1


Herleve (?) b. circa 1003
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