Baldwin II (of Hainault)1,2

M, #1073031, b. circa 1056, d. after 8 June 1098
Father*Count Baldwin I (of Hainault) , VI of Flanders1,2 b. 1030, d. 17 Jul 1070
Mother*Richilde von Egisheim1,2 d. 15 Mar 1086
Relationship26th great-grandfather of Robert Michael Damon
     Baldwin II (of Hainault), son of Count Baldwin I (of Hainault) , VI of Flanders and Richilde von Egisheim, was born circa 1056.1 Baldwin II (of Hainault) was the son of Count Baldwin I (of Hainault) , VI of Flanders and Richilde von Egisheim.1,2 Baldwin II (of Hainault) married Ida (of Louvain).1,2 Baldwin II (of Hainault) died on the 1st Crusade after 8 June 1098 in the East.1
     He became the father of Count Baldwin III (of Hainault) in 1088.1


     Baldwin II (of Hainault) has ID 73-31 in Royalty for Commoners.1


Ida (of Louvain)
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