King Alfonso II (?)1

M, #1054028, b. 1 March 1156/57, d. 25 April 1196
Father*Raymond Berenger IV of Aragon b. c 1113, d. 6 Aug 1162
Mother*Petronilla (of Aragon)
Relationship24th great-grandfather of Robert Michael Damon

Names and TItles

Titled: Count of Tarragona, Gerona and Cerdagne in 1162.2
Titled: King of Aragon (Alfonso II) from 1162 to 1195.2
Titled: Marquis of Provence in 1166.2
Titled: Count Marquis and of Barcelona, Tortosa and Lerida.2
     King Alfonso II (?) was born on 1 March 1156/57 in Villa Mayor del Valle, Spain.2 He was the son of Raymond Berenger IV of Aragon and Petronilla (of Aragon). King Alfonso II (?) married Sancha (?) on 18 January 1173/74 in Zaragoza, Spain.2 King Alfonso II (?) died on 25 April 1196 in Perpignan, at age 39.2 He was buried at Monastery of Nuestra Senora, Poblet, Spain.2
     He became King of Aragorn, in 1162.2 Alfonso II's father Raymond Berenger IV of Aragon died on 6 August 1162 at San Dalmacio, near Turin, Italy.2 King Alfonso II (?) became the father of Prince Alfonso (of Aragon) in 1180.3,1 Alfonso II's son was married at wedding of Prince Alfonso (of Aragon) and Gersinde (of Sabran) in 1193.1


     King Alfonso II (?) has ID 54-28 in Royalty for Commoners.1


Sancha (?)
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