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Judea, Roman Province

F, #990310, b. 6 AD
Mother*Roman Empire
RelationshipDistant relative of Robert Michael Damon

Names and TItles

Variation: Judea, Roman Empire.


Judea in the First Centery
Judea was formed 6 AD within Roman Empire. Judea, Roman Province was the daughter of Roman Empire.
Judah, Israel is used in earlier Hebraic times to refer to first the division of land to the Tribe of Judah, and then later during the Divided Kingdom period for the southern kingdom based largely on those same lands.

Judea is used in the Greco-Roman period to refer to lands that roughly matched those territories.

Judea, Roman Province: Later, for a period (6 AD to about 135 AD), overlaping the New Testement Period, it was the name of a Roman Province (which include Judea as a region within it.)


For more info on Judea, Roman Province see External Link (Wikipedia.)

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