George Cotton1

M, #6670, b. circa 1565, d. 1647
Father*Sir Richard Cotton1 b. c 1539, d. 14 Jun 1602
Mother*Mary Mainwaring1 d. b 14 Jun 1578
Relationship9th cousin 14 times removed of Robert Michael Damon
     George Cotton, son of Sir Richard Cotton and Mary Mainwaring, was born circa 1565.1 George Cotton was the son of Sir Richard Cotton and Mary Mainwaring.1 George Cotton married Mary Bromley, daughter of Sir George Bromley of Halton in Shropshire, on 25 April 1585 in Worfield, Salop, England.1 George Cotton died in 1647.1
     George's father Sir Richard Cotton died on 14 June 1602 in Stoke, Warwickshire, England.1


Mary Bromley
Last Edited6 Oct 2001


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