Nathaniel Fiske1

M, #4308, b. circa 1601, d. circa 1640
Father*Nathaniel Fiske b. c 1584, d. bt 1615 - 1675
Mother*Alice Leman b. bt 1561 - 1589, d. bt 1615 - 1678
Relationship10th great-grandfather of Robert Michael Damon
     Nathaniel Fiske was born circa 1601 in Weybred, England.1 He was the son of Nathaniel Fiske and Alice Leman. Nathaniel Fiske married Dorothy Symonds between 1632 and 1639.1 Nathaniel Fiske died circa 1640 En route to USA, at Sea.1
     He became the father of Nathan Fiske circa 1618.1 Nathaniel Fiske became the father of John Fiske in 1619.1,2


Dorothy Symonds b. circa 1599, d. between 1632 and 1693
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Last Edited8 Mar 2002


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