Boris III (of Bulgaria)1

M, #15217, b. 30 January 1894, d. 28 August 1943
Father*Ferdinand I (of Bulgaria)1 b. 26 Feb 1861, d. 10 Sep 1948
Mother*Mary Louise (of Parma)1 b. 1870, d. 1899

Names and TItles

Titled: King of Bulgaria (Boris III).1
     Boris III (of Bulgaria), son of Ferdinand I (of Bulgaria) and Mary Louise (of Parma), was born on 30 January 1894 in Sofia, Bulgaria.1 Boris III (of Bulgaria) was the son of Ferdinand I (of Bulgaria) and Mary Louise (of Parma).1 Boris III (of Bulgaria) married Giovanna (of Italy), daughter of Victor Emanuel III (of Italy) and Helen (of Montenegro).1 Boris III (of Bulgaria) died on 28 August 1943 in Sofia, Bulgaria, at age 49.1
     He became King of Bulgaria. Boris III's mother Mary Louise (of Parma) died in 1899.1 Boris III (of Bulgaria) became the father of Simeon Koburgotski in 1937.1
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