Adaele (Gerloc) (of Normandy)1

F, #13900, b. circa 897, d. after 14 October 962
Father*Rollo Rognvaldsson1 b. c 846, d. c 931
Mother*Poppa Duchess (of Normandy)1 b. c 872
Relationship30th great-grandmother of Robert Michael Damon

Names and TItles

Married: Mrs. of Aquitaine.1
     Adaele (Gerloc) (of Normandy), daughter of Rollo Rognvaldsson and Poppa Duchess (of Normandy), was born circa 897 of Normandie, Neustria.1 Adaele (Gerloc) (of Normandy) was the daughter of Rollo Rognvaldsson and Poppa Duchess (of Normandy).1 Adaele (Gerloc) (of Normandy) married Duke Guillaume III (I) (of Aquitaine), son of Ebles II De Poitiers and Princess Elgiva (of England).1 Adaele (Gerloc) (of Normandy) died after 14 October 962.1
     She became the mother of Guillaume IV (Fier-aa-bras) Aquitaine circa 949.1 Adaele (Gerloc) (of Normandy) became the mother of Princess Adbelahide (of Aquitaine) circa 952.1


Duke Guillaume III (I) (of Aquitaine) b. circa 929, d. 3 April 963
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