Richard III (of Normandy)1

M, #1094, b. 1001, d. 6 August 1028
Father*Duke Richard II "the Good" (of Normandy) b. 958, d. 1026
Mother*Judith (of Rennes) b. 982, d. 16 Jun 1017
Relationship27th great-grandfather of Robert Michael Damon
     Richard III (of Normandy), son of Duke Richard II "the Good" (of Normandy) and Judith (of Rennes), was born in 1001.1 Richard III (of Normandy) was the son of Duke Richard II "the Good" (of Normandy) and Judith (of Rennes). Richard III (of Normandy) married Adele-Alice (of France). Richard III (of Normandy) married Unknown Mistress (?) Richard III (of Normandy) died on 6 August 1028.2
     Richard III's mother Judith (of Rennes) died on 16 June 1017 of Normandie, France.2 Richard III's father Duke Richard II "the Good" (of Normandy) died in 1026.1

Family 1

Adele-Alice (of France) b. 1009, d. 1079
ChartsPedigree of Robert Damon (Big)
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